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Types of Promotions

Delphi's system of promotions allows you to select web page features, scheduled or current chats, and interesting message board threads and display them publicly for others to see. You can place them in your web pages, your Message Board welcome screens, and your Forum messages using special <X-DELPHI> web tags and HTML code, as explained below. And using Delphi's new Active Content (formerly LiveLinks), you can place notices in your web pages elsewhere, too.

There are three types of promotions you can use:

  • Local promotions, which draw on your own Forum's promotions
    What's Happening in PubWeb:

  • Global promotions, which draw on promotions from all Forums
    What's Happening in Delphi:
    Global promotions will display here

  • Active chat lists, which list all chats active in the local Forum
    Active chats in Publishing on the Web:
    None active now.

Setting Up Your Promotions.

The first step in setting up a local or global promotion is to use the Promote menu in your Forum Control Center. You can select from three items in that menu:
  • Hot Topics. Selecting this choice lets you link to an interesting message thread in your Message Board. It has recently been enhanced to let you find a thread of interest, if it is not listed among the ones to choose.
  • Chat Events. Promote your scheduled chat events.
  • Webpage. Promote articles in your web pages.

Each of these choices includes its own documentation to help you develop the promotions.

The <X-DELPHI> Tag

Your promotions are displayed in a table, as shown above. The <X-DELPHI> tag, unique to Delphi, calls the applicable promotions that you and others have set up.

The HTML code for the table and the content of the <X-DELPHI> tag is as follows. Values in RED are variables and can be changed:

<table width=400 bgcolor="#CCCC99" cellpadding=0 align=center cellspacing=2>
<tr> <th><font face="Arial,Helvetica">What's Happening on Delphi:</font></th></tr>
<tr><td> <x-delphi announcements name="optional name" type=all sigdir=pubweb link=yes max=3> &nbsp; </x-delphi> </td></tr> </table>

The eight variables are:

  • The title of the promotion. Use your own wording here.
  • The type of promotion. It can be 'announcements' or 'chatlist'.
  • Optional name may appear here instead of or supplementing the title in the table structure.
  • The type of data. For chatlists, use 'active'. For annoucements, it can be set to feature (web page), mb (message board), chat, or all. The default is all.
  • The source of the data. It can be any of the following three values:
    • LOCAL for promotions from the local forum only
    • GLOBAL for promotions drawn from throughout Delphi randomly
    • sigdir=webtag for a specific Forum's promotions. Replace webtag with your Forum's actual webtag.
  • Active link to the promotion. Values are yes or no. The default is yes. This can be set to no for future chat events.
  • The maximum number of promotions to be displayed. Use your judgment according to your page or message layout and the number of promotions you have created.
  • Text placed between the X-DELPHI tags, which will appear when there are no current promotions. Use for LOCAL or sidir=webtag promotions only. Otherwise, just use the non-printing character &nbsp;

<x-delphi chatlist type=active name="Now in PubWeb Chat" LOCAL> None in chat now. </x-delphi>

Replace "PubWeb" with your own Forum name.


<x-delphi announcements type=all name="Features to Check Out" LOCAL links=yes max=3>Watch this space for future announcements!</x-delphi>

You should be able to copy and paste the above code and then substitute it in your own places with appropriate changes. Do not Display Source to copy it; just copy it as is. Highlight the area (click and drag) and press control-C (on a PC) to copy it or use your favorite method. Note that the table dimensions and structure can be varied somewhat, if you are familiar with tables.

Active Content
The Control Center for Delphi Forums now includes a new Active Content selection (formerly called LiveLinks) on the promotions menu. Using it, you can follow the included instructions to develop your own ads or notices and place them on web pages elsewhere--your own or pages where you have permission to place the ads.

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