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Rogues Gallery

Walt shows his true colors

(Walt's stage makeup by Walt)

As Dick Deadeye in HMS Pinafore, Sudbury, 1998

Left as the Mikado and
below with Katisha, MIT, 1994.

MIT photos (c)1994 by professional photographer
and cast member, Sheldon Brown

As the Mikado in Kabuki makeup with Yum Yum, Sudbury Savoyards, 1995

As Dick Deadeye in HMS Pinafore, Concord, 1990

Deadeye dismays the Boatswain, Concord, 1990

Pooh-Bah sneers in Mikado, Boston First Night, 1993

As Scaphio (r) with Phantis, the scheming Wisemen in Utopia, Ltd, Sudbury Savoyards,

Major General Stanley surveys the Pirates of Penzance, One-Penny Opera Company, 1970