Glossary of Internet Terms

©2007 by Walt Howe

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Letter W

Abbreviation for the World Wide Web Consortium, the organization that develops standards for the web community.
Wide Area Information Server (WAIS). An indexing system for documents that indexes the full text of the documents, and scores searches on the basis of the relevance of its vocabulary to the search terms.See History.

Wide Area Network.

Wireless Application Protocol. A protocol used with small handheld devices with small file sizes.

Software pirated by dOoDz (immature scofflaws).

web site
One or more connected web pages under a common ownership or management or theme.

See blog

A term unique to Delphi Forums which designates a particular Forum on that service. Every Forum has its own webtag, different from all others, which forms part of the address for web pages, message boards, and chat rooms for that Forum. Addresses take these forms:

  • Main web page:
  • Start page:
  • Message board:
  • Chat room:

Replace ‘webtag’ with the actual webtag to link to the appropriate place. If you are linking to the web page, message board, or chat room, use the appropriate anchor tag, which will be one of these:

  • <a href=””> WebPageName</a>
  • <a href=””> WebPageName Start Page</a>
  • <a href=””> WebPageName Message Board</a>
  • <a href=””> WebPageName Chat</a:>

An old Internet utility that you can use to look up information about an Internet site in the registry database at Internic or elsewhere. You can enter a name like Delphi, a domain address like, or a full or partial IP address and get information on the site’s name, address, points of contact, etc. The utility may be run with your own ISP or net account, or you can use the Network Solutions Whois web page.

Short for wireless fidelity, a standard for wireless ethernet. The term is synonymous with the IEEE 802.11b standard.

World Wide Web (WWW)

The World Wide Web is an Internet protocol that makes use of the HTMLhypertext, and hypermedia to create pages with links to other pages. WWW pages can include graphics, audio, and video as well as text. See the WWW FAQ and the Internet History for more information.

A self-replicating program that reproduces itself over a network. The most famous worm is the one created by Robert Morris at Cornell that shut down many unix computers on the Internet in 1988. See virus and Trojan horse.

Acronym for “What You See Is What You Get”. The term applies to word processors and web page development software where you manipulate text and images directly without writing codes (such as HTML or dot codes) for each attribute.

(last updated 22 October 2012)