Glossary of Internet Terms

©2007 by Walt Howe

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Letter Z

A standard file extension for files compressed with unix compression. It is also occasionally used in lower case to mean gnu unix compression, but .gz is more commonly used for this to avoid confusion.

“American National Standard Z39.50: Information Retrieval Service Definition and Protocol Specification for Library Applications.” This was designed to be a standard for connecting library computers and databases regardless of hardware and software. It could be used as a standard for many kinds of databases. It has not caught on, and there are many, many other database protocols in use today in and out of libraries.

A method of file compression originally used with MSDOS and a file extension for files which are zip compressed.
A very common form of file transmission, which can be used across dialup and telnet connections. It can be used in batch modes (for multiple files), and it is faster than the older xmodem and ymodem. In some implementations, it can resume a transfer after a connection has been broken and re-established.
zulu time
Zulu time, often used in US Government communications, is another way of saying Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Chat shorthand for “What’z up?”.

(last updated 22 October 2012)